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Kosova and Apostolov v. North Macedonia, Apr. 2022 | The ECtHR found that North Macedonia violated the #FreedomOfExpression of two journalists who were ordered to pay damages, in a #CivilDefamation suit, after publishing articles of public interest.


#ThrowBackRuling⌛️Njaru v. Cameroon, Mar. 2007| The @UN_HRC found Cameroon breached its obligations under the #ICCPR after State authorities tortured a journalist for publishing articles on the misconduct of the police. #ViolenceAgainstJournalists

#ThrowBackRuling⌛️Uzeyir Jafarov v. Azerbaijan,Jan.2015| The #ECtHR found Azerbaijan responsible for failing to conduct an effective criminal investigation into the violent attacks against a journalist after he published articles criticizing the State. #ViolenceAgainstJournalists

#ThrowBackRuling⌛️The Case of SOVA Center, Mar. 2019| The Russian Constitutional Court held that a law that obliges search engines to remove information at the request of citizens was constitutional since it protected individuals' #RightToBeForgotten

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